Contribute now and become a LeftRoots Compa!

Join the growing national network of movement activists who support LeftRoots’ work! While the active members (the cadres) of LeftRoots drive forward our daily work, Compas’ political and financial contributions are essential to the viability and success of this 21st century socialist project.

Even non-Compas can support LeftRoots

Becoming a compa is not the only way to support LeftRoots. Even small, one-time contributions make a huge difference for an independent Left organization still very much on fawn’s legs. If you want to contribute, but can’t do so monthly, please consider making a one-time donation today.

A LeftRoots Compa:

  • Agrees with our Points of Unity;
  • Commits to an annual or monthly contribution to advance our work, based on a sliding scale/ability to pay.

    How much? Active cadres contribute a minimum of 1% (or .01) of their personal income. We suggest Compas contribute half of that—at least 0.5%. At .05%, a Compa making $30,000 a year would contribute at least $150 annually.

  • Fills out the Compa online sign-up form and makes an initial contribution, which can be monthly or annual.

Becoming a Compa means you are a committed LeftRoots supporter. This gives you special access to LeftRoots activities and resources unavailable to one-time donors and e-mail list subscribers! These include getting:

  1. LeftRoots e-news and calls to action in your area.
  2. Special invitations to Compa Community Calls, featuring LR cadre sharing political and organizational updates.
  3. Special access to LR’s political education resources, including videos of our national HangOuts, internal readings and key Left resources.
  4. Shout-outs in our public programs.
  5. Special opportunities to give input on LR’s program, including an annual survey.

To be independent and powerful: Financing the Revolution

LeftRoots is not an IRS-sanctioned charitable operation, and receives no foundation grants. Our funds come directly from individual leftists – cadre members, Compas, and one-time donors. Every dollar we raise goes immediately into advancing our work, including:

  • LeftRoots’ in-person and online efforts to build a revolutionary national community based in oppressed and exploited sectors—a community with common language, shared experience, and unity of purpose;
  • the holistic development of LeftRoots cadres as emotionally intelligent, intellectually sharp, and politically literate revolutionaries;
  • LeftRoots’ work to develop a long-term strategy for 21st century socialist liberation; and
  • limited but full-time staff to implement LeftRoots’ national program.

You can help this work happen, even if you are unable to join as an active cadre. Monthly and annual contributions provide a steady and reliable foundation for LeftRoots as it helps the U.S. Left figure out what it means to be a socialist in 21st century America.

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